PES 2014 PS3 7oy’s option file Update 9.3 Brasileirão Atualizado!!!!!!!

PES 2014 PS3 7oy’s option file Update 9.3 Brasileirão Atualizado!!!!!!! – um dos melhores option files para Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 no PS3

Update 9.3

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Includes the Brazilian league now updated to the 2014 season[/highlight] Also included are all klashman’s tatics I also added my own custom tactics to get the rest of the epl teams klashman didn’t do playing more like their actual selves. I’ll be doing more clubs from other leagues soon. I think the tactics are great and add to the game a lot.

Option file details as of Data pack 4.3 update option file:

– All unlicensed clubs made licensed. Kits added to all Premier League, Liga Zon Sagres clubs and more. Most teams have their real crests however not all as konami have capped a limit of 100 imported emblems to the game. – All national teams given kits – 18 team Skybet championship replaces konami’s fictional D2 league – Full Bundesliga replaces Konami’s fictional PEU League – Full J. League replaces Konami’s fictional PAS League – Full Liga Postobon replaces Konami’s fictional PLA League – All competitions given real life names – Added missing champions league teams plus Dynamo Zagreb and Dinamo Kiev to other European teams. Motherwell have been replaced by Kiev. – Added new teams to AFC Champions League and Copa Liberdores and other Asia and other Latam teams including Ulsan Hyundai, Sydney FC, Club America and more. – Edited the hidden fake teams that appear in Master League. This adds hundreds more real life players to the game available for purchase in Master League. New teams hidden in the game include Metalist Kharkiv, Partizan, Fenerbache and much more. Afrcian Champions AL Ahly will show up in the Fifa club world cup in place of the fictional Pleasure Horn. Please note however that due to circumstances out of my control hidden fake clubs will still have their fictional names i.e Kirksburgh City but will have real life squads and real life kits. Also note a few teams such as Rosenborg will have generic kits as there is a limit of 600 imported kits. This all only affects hidden fake clubs in Master League. If you want to edit the players belonging to the hidden clubs you can find them in ‘List of Altered Players’ in edit mode, but be warned, that list is huge to say the least. – Corrected accessories for all Premier League, several Argentina Premier Division teams and all Bundesliga teams and well as some other teams from other leagues. More to follow. – Added hundreds of new faces to the game to go along with the ones done by konami via the in game face builder. For full list of faces added please see the attached face list that comes with your download or else face list below. – Edited every premier league player to at least have a realistic hairstyle. In some cases I corrected or updated the hairstyle of players with a Konami pre-set faces. For example I gave Dzeko a better hairstyle than konami have by default and I updated Lukaku’s hair. – Assigned more realistic stadiums to every team in the game. By default every team plays at Konami stadium. I have changed this and assigned a stadium that looks closer to the team’s real life staidum. – Gameplay improving tactics implemented by myself and Klashman’s. Please note the latest DLC re-set all tactics in game but I will re-apply them for the next version. – Classic players replaced by real life youth players that will show up as free agents in Master League should you enable Classic Players before starting the mode.

To find out more about the option file have look in game . Credit where credit is due: Bundesliga created by Zsolt He is the man to thank for all Bundesliga accessories and implementation most Bundesliga face builds 

Big thank you to smeagol75, starvin for their outstanding multiconverter tool and an equally massive thank you to goldrakiller for his awesome Pro Evo Editing Studio.

Big thank you to Paul2478 for sharing a lot of his edited national team kits with me and saving me time. Thanks also to Robbyearon for some South American national team kits.

Thank you to @Pierledonne for editing a lot of Serie A faces. All Serie A faces found in the face list were implemented by him.

Fonchoruiz for some kits and detailed feedback and suggestions. And thank you to anybody who has left feedback and suggestions in the thread.


Faces by: Me (7oy) Valencia 17 ronystan whistle BORU100 maquiavelo Edgar12 kitfisto PeruvianRey d0t GavHull

Kits by: Me (7oy) chalojah Milanello84 Rocky5 fonchoruiz 4N63L


Update 9/DP4.3 update (instalar primeiro) BLES: BLUS:

V 9.1 (Natonal team errors correction) Just a quick update to corrct some errors that were in some national team squads for version 9. Please download and install version 9 before you install this.



V 9.2 (fix errors and other things)

BLES (precisa do 9.0 e 9.1 / needs 9.0 and 9.1)

BLUS (precisa do 9.0 e 9.1 / needs 9.0 and 9.1)

BLAS (completo / full)

V 9.3