[PES 2014 | PS3] 7oy’s option file with week 3 update

BLES link http://www.mediafire.com/download/zd1o2b20c7ah52p/Update+3+BLES.rar

BLUS link http://www.mediafire.com/download/2y1p25r6l119128/Update+3+BLUS.rar

For the next update (which I may leave until after the DLC for several reasons) I will add a third kit for Norwich, have started editing Bundelsiga with all face builds available on here and also start providing a full file with everything in it along with the single update files.

Update 3 feautures

Play the 2013/14 champions league: All missing UCL teams are now in the option file with squad, formations, kits, etc so you can play the real life structure!

Play in the Football League: Skybet championship has been added with true to life squads, kits, formations, etc. Perfect for doing a Master League in the EPL or the championship itself.

More face builds added (see face list)

Note: As far as editing faces in the builder goes I’ve only done a handful of Championship players but every player will at least have a realistic hairstyle, edited accessories, correct skin tone, physique, player index, etc.