[PES 2014 | PS3] 7oy's option file with weekly updates – DLC 2 (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

Welcome. This is the thread for my PES 2014 option file.

I will be producing weekly updates for fans of Pro Evolution. This will be the most frequently updated file with a big effort gone in to making it as detailed as possible. I’ll be adding full kits and squads to clubs and leagues I will be creating to replace the fake ones are Liga Postobon (Colombia), J.League (Japan), Bundesliga (Germany) and SkyBet Championship.

I will also add the missing UCL teams, Dinamo Zagreb and more teams for Asia and America.

DLC 2 update


– Repaired the damage done to my work by DLC 2.

– Filled all premier league squads to maximum capacity adding new youngsters who have squad numbers in real life.

Features the full Bundesliga as created by Zsolt. Zsolt worked tirelessly to add in most, if not all, face builds from this thread http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=94057 Zsolt also added all the right accessories and all the various player details to the Bundelsiga. I would like to say a huge thank you to him for his big contribution to my option file and here is his export thread if you want more details about his work http://www.pesgaming.com/showthread.php?t=94757 Thanks also to Valencia17 who made most those faces and also kitfisto. Huge thank also goes to Paul2478 for providing the stats for the players.

– Full Skybet Championship as created by myself 7oy.

– Begun editing adding national team kits and have done around 13 so far. More will come in the update.

Links: BLES DLC 2 files only For those who have been keeping up with my option file progress to date and have the previous updates. When the PS asks you if you want to replace files do say yes to all. https://www.mediafire.com/?nnrh0xryhai4e8n BLES Full file Latest file that contains everything you need to get my work on your playstation. Download this if you have none of my previous updates installed on your playstation. http://www.mediafire.com/download/16…/BLES+Full.rar BLUS DLC 2 files http://www.mediafire.com/download/16…/DLC2+BLUS.rar BLUS Full file http://www.mediafire.com/download/2t…/BLUS+FULL.rar BLAS/ Winning Eleven download coming soon


WEEK 1 Update Features:

– All fake players names corrected for National teams

– Kits for all EPL clubs including third kits for Arsenal, Aston Villa, Cardiff, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City Newcastle (including a fourth kit), Tottenham (Including their Europa League kit as their 4th) and West Ham.

– All major transfers complete

– Accessories updated for some Premier League teams

– All leagues/cups/teams re-named and given logos

– Updates to home stadiums (so not every club plays at Konami Stadium) and some more small features i.e celebration updates.

– Added 78 new faces (see face list)

– Classic Kits DLC: If you didn’t acquire the classic kit dlc it is included in this option file so classic kits for Man United and Roma can be unlocked.

WEEK 2 update feautures:

– Added complted squads for Borrisia Dortmund, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton, Eintracht Frankfurt, Yeovil Town and Atletico Nacional.

– All players in created teams given accurate indexs, etc. For appearences in created teams every player will at least have a accurate hairstyle.

– Added kits for all the above teams

– Add more face builds (see face list for new additions)

– More minor updates (player accessories, home stadiums, etc)

Update 3 BLES link http://www.mediafire.com/download/zd…ate_3_BLES.rar BLUS link http://www.mediafire.com/download/2y…ate_3_BLUS.rar

Update 3 feautures

Play the 2013/14 champions league: All missing UCL teams are now in the option file with squad, formations, kits, etc so you can play the real life structure!

Play in the Football League: Skybet championship has been added with true to life squads, kits, formations, etc. Perfect for doing a Master League in the EPL or the championship itself.

Face makers (links to their profiles in their names): Me (7oy) @ronystan @whistle @kung fu @BORU100 youtuber @maquiavelo @Edgar12 @kitfisto @PeruvianRey @d0t @InfectedBen

Kit Makers. Me (7oy) @chalojah Milanello84 @killacarrillo

Conversion to BLUS made possible by: Me (7oy) for figuring a way to work it for non-modded consoles and for Pes 2014 specifically by updating keys, games.conf, etc. BrueforceSaveData tool by flatz. PS3 Save resigner tool.

Other people who have helped: @paul2478 @Gato

BLES links: Week 1 update: https://twitter.com/Roylaboy/status/388485283588894720 Week 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ss…3i35v2t/PS3.7z BLUS links: Week 1 update: https://twitter.com/Roylaboy/status/388759140555694080 Week 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?3181m352agmqtgw Option File notes

– I tweet links to the weekly updates on my twitter account before I post them anywhere else I also interact with fans of my option file on there frequently www.twitter.com/roylaboy

– Weekly updates will come at some time between Monday and Sunday every week.

– Starting Week 4 I will be uploading a full file every week too for those who haven’t followed the weekly updates or are switching to my option file from a different one or whatever reason.

– Every created player will at the very least be given a appropriate hairstyle but lots will be given face builds too.

– I have taken care to name all face makers but if you notice I’m using one of your builds and I haven’t included you let me know ASAP.

– There will be no weekly updates in December right through to mid January and also in mid April through to late May. This is because I combine this enjoyable hobby of mine with other stuff that are serious such as sitting the final exams of my degree so I will be have no free time these months as I’ll be studying 24/7 for them tbh.

– I am open to suggestions. If there is something you would like in my option file feel free to suggest it and I’ll consider whether or not to add it in.

– I will be updating this file for the lifespan of Pes 2014 so from the present right until the games final days (just before Pes 15 comes out). It’s the only game I play nowadays so dedication isn’t a problem for me.